Traditional Crafts
Biennale 2021

Law of Traditional Crafts

전통공예의 법칙



Exhibition Theme


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Intentionality in Tradition


The theme of the senior artists invitation exhibition in this year’s Jinju Traditional Craft Biennale is ‘intentionality of craft’. The intentionality here more specifically means the orientation of the mind.

Humans always think about ‘something’. We have desire for something, think in terms of something, and make judgements based on something. That is, our consciousness is always oriented toward something (object). In phenomenology, this is termed intentionality or aboutness of consciousness.

Craftworks are also based on a consciousness of an event, phenomenon, or item. That is to say, the intentionality of consciousness is embodied in the works of craft artists. If we can track what thoughts, judgments, wills, images, emotions, and desires triggered the moment of which the consciousness of an artist orients toward something, it may be possible to understand anew how the craftworks by senior artists portray the ‘intentionality’ of crafts in the contemporary as well as in the future. Furthermore, through such intentionality of consciousness based on traditional crafts, we may predict the direction of contemporary craftworks that reveal artists’ unique world of works.


Rhee Seung Ja Jinju Museum of Art